Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still deciding

The other night, as I tried to fall asleep without a sleeping pill (stupid jet lag!), I couldn't get this house we visited out of my head. I had been thinking about it since I got back from Shanghai. So finally around midnight, I got up and called Neil (don't worry, it was 2 in the afternoon in China....I'm not that mean!) I told him I couldn't get this place out of my head. It was one of 4 villas we looked at in the Thomson Golf Villas complex. This complex in and of itself doesn't stand out above the rest in any way, although it is nice. But this particular villa's location within the complex makes in unique to pretty much every other property we looked at across 3 days of house hunting. It is located on a road that dead-ends into the golf course, so the children would be able to walk out the front door and ride bikes or scooters any time, without worrying about traffic. Then, across the road, there's a gap in the hedges that leads into the complex's enormous park/playground. And right behind the playground is the clubhouse with the gym and swimming pool. I feel like this property would afford the children the autonomy that they have come to know at our house in Orem. Here, they can come and go in and out as they please, as long as they stay on our little street. That's something that I was thinking we would sacrifice, living in China. But not at this villa's unique location. That is HUGE to me! Plus, at this complex, there isn't a pond or a river every time you turn around, so they really would be safe to play outside on their own :)
So Neil called me today to tell me he thought about it, and thinks we should try to negotiate a deal on this place. I am excited. It is about a 15 minute drive to the schools, and that is acceptable (some places would be 45-50 minutes each way!) So hopefully we can arrange something. In the one of the road's dead-end, you can see the gap that leads into the park (look right above the black car's bumper). That picture is taken from the villa's front steps. The inside is nice and big, too! No one is sacrificing today :)

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  1. So does that mean that the European-style villa with pictures posted below is still available??? I'd love to live there! Will your company pick up the tab for grandparents as neighbors? ;-)