Thursday, April 22, 2010


The housing options for Shanghai expatriates is quite extensive. It extends as far as your budget will, really :) We didn't find a house while we were on this trip, as it's still too early to make offers on apartments or villas that are available right now. It was good to get a feel of the layout of different complexes, though, and what amenities they offer. We also got to know where a lot of the members of the Church live, so they could give us their feedback. But I know everyone is simply dying to see what the houses there look like! So I will post some pictures of some different complexes we liked. Going on the house only (not location or price, etc.) I would choose the San Marino Bridge villas, seen here. It's a little further East, and at the top of our price range. But it's gorgeous, obviously, with stone patio and small yard.

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  1. Oh my goodness Brynna. The apartments there are beautiful! I wish my house looked like that. Is that the way most places look? Lucky. :)